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January 9, 2013


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1. Be sure you have installed latest KDE of your distro
(state: 9th January 2013... >/= KDE SC 4.8.0 (older versions not tested by me))
Note: after installing a new main version of KDE you must recompile BE::Shell
you do all on your own risk!!!

2. Be sure you are willing to learn new things and read the wiki! ;)

3. Install dependencies and what else we need (if not already done):

   - git
   - build-essential
   - cmake

on Debian or Debian based distributions (Ubuntu, etc)

    - libxcomposite-dev
    (If you previously installed Bespin should already be present)

    - libxrender-dev
    - libxext-dev
    - libqt4-dev
    - libx11-dev
    - kde-workspace-dev
    - kdebase-workspace-dev
    - kdelibs5-dev

4. Okay, now we do what the wiki taught us:

4.1 Load the source code opening a terminal and type: git clone git:// be-shell-code
4.2 cd be-shell-code
4.3 ./configure
4.4 cd build
4.5 make
4.6 sudo make install

5. Run kcmshell4 kded in a terminal - that will bring up the kded manager.
   Disable the "Status Notifier Manager" to get (legacy) systray icons from KDE applications.
6. Replace Plasma by copying and plasma-desktop.desktop (and optional krunner.desktop)
   to ~/.kde/share/autostart/ (in some distros .kde4)
   NOT  to ~/.kde/autostart/ or ~/.config/autostart
  Note: if you would now restart or relogin you would see... nothing (a blank screen)
  It is very important to install a configuration and -recommendable- a matching theme first.
7.  install a theme AND a config file:
    you can use one from examples folder in be-shell-code    
    Note: you need a theme AND a configuration file ( -> "Copy the desired example MINUS THE SUFFIX to the local kde config dir, eg."
7.1    copy to ~/.kde/share/config/ and delete the suffix (.win2000)  
7.2    copy the matching theme (windows) from themes folder to ~/.kde/share/apps/
    Note: in some distros the hidden folder .kde is .kde4
   If you dislike win2000 look you can also download themes from our gallery... ;)
   Note: if you change a theme it is usually necessary to change the appropriate config file (
8. logout and relogin or restart your system

9. for theming and configuring your BE::Shell read the wiki:…

+++ any improvements and feedback is very welcome +++
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thank you very much for the help!
taklertamas Jan 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice description, and thank you(all of you from the Be::Shell section) for all the themes, descriptions, tutorials, and the inspiration!
I'm a Be::Shell fan.. :-D
LaGaDesk Jan 5, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Great... hope it works all good for you! :)
Baraary Sep 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks larS for great toturial. :happybounce:
just one question, can you explain how to back from BE::Shell to plasma?
LaGaDesk Sep 12, 2013  Hobbyist Interface Designer
In general and for the next starts? Open kcmshell4 autostart and enable Plasma Desktop Workspace and disable BE::Shell.
For a short switch: kquitapp && sleep 1 && plasma-desktop in (k)runner. :(
or kquitapp plasma-desktop && sleep 1 && to come back to Beshell. :)
one correction suggestion

at 4.2 it should be: cd be-shell, instead of: cd be-shell-code
LaGaDesk Aug 4, 2013  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Thanks for the hint... yeah, the problem was in git clone line:

git clone git:// be-shell-code

it seems there are two different version. :confused:
oho, if so, thats why I am not getting workspace section appear on my screen! I think.I am a dummy!
LaGaDesk Aug 5, 2013  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Not sure... but possibly. :shrug:
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